Sell fast, sell it yourself

We will shoot eye catching photos and video of
your home when it's looking its best.
These are the most powerful sales tools
to get buyers interested in your property.
If you can sell a car or a couch you can sell a house!

Imagery is what we do

Specialists in providing top quality photos and video


"Do one thing, do it well"

We know how to capture your home in a way that will appeal to buyers - that's what we do best. You can feel confident that when viewers click on your listing they will be seeing it at it's very best.
Put the photos and video online, sit back, and get ready to talk deals.


Professional photos get noticed!

Photographs are great at capturing a viewers attention and showcasing the entire home.
People love to get to know the property, so plenty of high quality,
well-lit images let them see all the features and possibilities.


Video tells a story!

We can capture your home looking it's superb best and maybe even film you discussing why you've loved living in your home.
Videos are trusted by the viewer and can be added to your TradeMe listing or Facebook. People love to share them - it's a great way to get extended interest in your listing.

samples of our work


Selling tips/suggestions

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